One Week to Go!

Down to the home stretch and CELADORE and GOLDEN are tearing up the rankings - the first is dead set on keeping that top spot and the latter jumped up to sixth from ninth! Both are good comix and we need quite the push to get into first by Friday so please - if you haven't, get to the Zuda site to vote for and favorite ACTION, OHIO:

Folks are saying some real nice things about the comic and I really hope we get to continue to prove out their support. Here's one great blurb from "The Ray", a nice poster at Gail Simone's YOU'LL ALL BE SORRY message boards:

"Neil Kleid's Action, Ohio not only captures the imagination, but holds it in it's basement for months. If you're not converted to Kleidism (the religious worship of writer Neil Kleid and his works) by the end of the first eight pages, you will be excommunicated and forced live out the rest of your life in a small island in the Mediterranean."

"Kleidism." I quite like that.

Vote on. New post about the Silver Age to follow.

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